Challenge Cube – The Cube style game

The Cube Game

Challenge Cube, a game created by RoadThirteen, is set to released this week on iTunes, Android and Windows release dates have yet to be published.

Challenge Cube, a game which shares similarities with the TV show ‘The Cube’, gives you 10 lives to complete six levels or mini games. Each level looks to test you differently; Stop Time – The timing challenge, Pattern Pickle – The memory challenge, Sliding Doors – The control challenge, Ball Boy – The speed challenge, Cube Catch – The skill challenge and Turbo Touch – The reactions challenge.

You can play through three versions of difficulty, ranging from one-three stars, each with their own high score to achieve, beat the three star version and find yourself immortalised a challenge cube master.

Game control on the iPhone varies from touch to tilt control depending upon the level in play.

Got what it takes to challenge cube?

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