Challenge Cube

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Challenge The CubeTest your skill, speed and reactions

Got what it takes to challenge cube? Play through six different mini games (each with three difficulty levels) that will challenge your Timing, Memory, Control, Speed, Skill and Reactions.

10 Lives, 6 stages. Have you got what it takes to challenge cube?

The Cube High ScoresThe Cube Game

Challenge Cube has six mini games, with varying challenge targets depending upon difficulty, the ‘easy’ targets are shown below:
the cube game iphone

Stop TimeThe timing challenge

A counter races downwards, and you must time your hit to stop it as close to zero as possible.
Your challenge is to stop on less than 10.

memory game - cube challenge

Pattern PickleThe memory challenge

A pattern (or route) will appear on the screen for a few seconds. Remember it.
Your challenge is to repeat the pattern.


Sliding DoorsThe control challenge

Use the on screen keypad to guide the circle across the screen and into the finishing zone.
Your challenge is to reach the red finishing zone safely.

ball collector - the cube

Ball BoyThe speed challenge

Balls will spread randomly across the screen, you must pick up all the balls before the time runs out.
Your challenge is to pick up 20 balls in 6 seconds

Cube Catch - The Cube Challenge

Cube CatchThe skill challenge

The cube will fly out randomly and you must catch it with the box before it falls to the ground.
Your challenge is to catch the cube.

Reactions Game - The Cube Challenge

Turbo TouchThe reactions challenge

A square will randomly turn from red to green, when it is green you must stop the counter as quickly as possible.
Your challenge is to stop the counter before it reaches 10


Test your skill, speed, memory and reactions with the Challenge Cube Game today

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